July 29, 2013

Vol. II - Dreams

so, last night i dreamt about something that made me think about how things might not go as i would've originally planned. so i concluded that if things don't go my 'way' i have no plan B.
and on one hand it's kinda exciting to face new obstacles that are put in my path and things could actually go in a better way but on the other hand it would be so heartbreaking to me if things that i imagined don't come together 'cause i know i would feel so lost again.
the thing is: honestly my life isn't really all that exciting and it freaks me just by thinking that eventually things will keep this way.
i'm actually a pretty 'strong' person myself in a way that i know how to handle things, etc. but still.. i just really hope that dreams DO come true.

don't even know if this even makes any sense to anyone but yeah, that's my mood status right now.

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