July 28, 2013

Vol. II - Existential Crisis

so.. sometimes i wonder if positivism is really worth it?
you guys sure it isn't just a mask of how bad things are at the moment? a telling lie that hides your frustation?
i've always been a really positive person myself, but honestly.. now that i realise, i didn't make much 'profit' out of it.
the only good thing is that it kept me from not thinking about the bad side of things.. but although i wouldn't think about it, the bad thing is still there you know..
oh well. maybe it's just my existential crisis phase coming through right now, but still..
being 19 is probably the most challenging year of your life. pretty much my fate is put into my decisions right now so that's a lot of pressure for someone who still isn't very experienced in this so called life.
but yeah, « life finds a way » (?) i guess (?) i hope (?)

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