July 3, 2013

Vol. II - My life soundtrack Part. 1

do you remember all the bands you've idolized so far in your life?
music always made a huge part of my life ( hence why i got a tattoo representing it ), so today i decided to bring some memories back.
there's some bands out there who managed to get me through some tough times sometimes and helped me to get to do the right choices by clearing my mind. really funny how this works out. i'll present 3 bands at a time.
and seriously, how proud must musicians feel when they know their importance in other people's lives? it must feel awesome!


oh man.. their sound is so touching. it really gets to you! how many times i fell asleep listening to Intension or Schism.. *sigh* it's really hard to write words to describe their impact. feels like it teleports you to another dimension. it's like you got to listen to them so you can understand the challenge that is to make known how you feel about their music.
this is a 2 year old discovery of mine. the first song i listened from Warpaint was Krimson and i was hooked. they have this ethereal and dreamy kind of sound. and a really elegant twist to it. it has this power of calming you down if you let it. i just really recommend it!

so, i know that Fred Durst can be a bad boy sometimes but Limp Bizkit's lyrics and sound really will turn your rage down. his kind of aggressive way of how he voices his lyrics is a really good trait about this band.
what's your life soundtrack? :*

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