July 4, 2013

Vol. II - My tattoo

so last year ( on 28th january 2012, yeah i still remember haha ) i made my very first tattoo; it is pretty small as it was my first time tattooing my skin and i was only 17 at the time so yeah xD
when i heard the tattooing machine sound i was almost not going to do it 'cause it really freaked me out, but i really wanted a tattoo at the time so i just went for it.
i got tattooed at the right side of my wrist and it didn't feel that bad; what hurt the most during the session was the straight line of the treble clef.
now the pain of a tattoo comes in the days after it's done, it feels like someone is scratching you really bad but it eventually fades away.

this was taken in the same day i got it; it looks a bit red around the treble clef

here it's an updated pic
what about you guys? do you have any tattoo? do you think about getting one? :*

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