August 4, 2013

Vol. III - God

i've been thinking about this for a while -
religion is one of those things that parents and family try to convey to us since we're very young.

but i wonder how much that actually affects people at a certain age, if that even affects them at all, in a way that they see themselves trapped for not having that much in common with something that they've been told that is the 'right thing'.

making them believe in something without showing them options.

it's a really touchy subject, i know, and i respect all religions although i might not agree with some things.

and i'm actually a bit hesitant about posting my opinion 'cause i know there are a lot of fanatics out there.

but all i'll say is: i personally feel like it's very important to have faith in something; whether it's God or someone else. i like to believe that i'm not alone and that there has to be something with power bigger than all of us. something out there that is actually rooting for us and making us go on.

who is your 'God'? :*

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