August 10, 2013

Vol. III - Going Out

it's funny how those typical saturday's night out never really amused me.
whenever i go out, behind my decision, a lot of convincing happened from my friends to make me leave the house.
i don't know.. i'm just so used to stay in my bedroom playing video games, browsing the web, listening to music, etc that going out makes me miss this sort of comfort.
i just feel so awkward and out of place, it's not even funny ( and today is going to be one of those days *sigh* i have cousins sleeping over so yeah.. ) xD
and i'm not blaming electronics for making me feel this way as i think being a homebody is part of my personality to a certain extent;
because - travelling and road trips? i'm in! i love the feeling of knowing that i'm going to get to know another city or country or even just knowing that i'm going to have to drive for a few hours while listening to my favorite bands. it fills my happiness bar, haha. *

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