August 1, 2013

Vol. III - Horoscope

have you ever tried to check if online information about astrological signs traits matches your personality?
so i decided to do a little research about mine ( i was born on 1st May therefore i'm Taurus ) and i'll try to be as honest as possible; let's see:

all information from

Taurus Characteristics

      ✅Jealous and possessive   - yeah, i feel like jealousy can get in my way a little speacilly when it comes to relationships; but being possessive by any means describes me. i like freedom and i want others to feel the said freedom as well.

      ✅Resentful and inflexible   - when someone does something bad to me and even though i might forgive that's still going to be wandering around my head. when it comes to inflexibility i gotta admit that when i think i'm right, for exemple, no matter what the other person says i'm still gonna think i'm right, you know? xD i really need to work on this, yeah.

      ❌Self-indulgent and greedy   - although, as everyone, i like to meet my own needs whenever possible but i try not to do it in bad timing per say; i kinda wait for the right time to do certain things. when it comes to greediness i personally don't see myself as a greedy person, not really that much to add.

   -   Possessively, permanently   -   so, these are not necessarily adjectives right? o.o

      ✅ Patient and reliable   -    i gotta say.. being patient is one of the best words to describe me, seriously. but it gets to a point when it turns into a flaw, sometimes i shouldn't be like that all the time and start being just a bit more demanding. and i would have to agree with reliabe as well. ( this is making me feel a bit narcissist :c )

      ✅ Warm-hearted and loving  -  again, i'll have to agree with this as well xD and sometimes people like to take advantage of it.
      ✅ Persistent and determined  - the thing is, when i see that something has no point anymore or whatever then i just leave it, which doesn't make me that much of a persistent person. but, until i get to realise that i'm pretty determined yeah.

and i'm aware that these sort of things are very generalised and obviously not everyone of the same sign will act the same way, this is only just an 'experimentation' if you will.
do you guys believe in this sort of things? :*

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