August 4, 2013

Vol. III - Mr. Right

Mr. Right. Mr. Right Now. Mr. Never Again, etc.
how many times have we labeled guys this way? haha.
i personally have made so many mistakes when it comes to let people come in my live that i just promised myself that now on i'll be as picky as i possibly can. and honestly there's nothing wrong with you wanting the best for yourself, as long as obviously you do it in a right and polite way.

funny how this all works: you meet someone ↪ they become your Mr. Right Now ↪ a possible Mr. Right ↪ but you soon realise that yeah.. nope: Mr. Never Again, and you come to the conclusion that you just called him Mr. Right Now because although you couldn't stand his flaws you were actually just going through your honeymoon phase and our thoughts become foggy. holy 'science'!

i've came across the Mr. Know It All, Mr. Boring, Mr. Psycho, Mr. Desperate, Mr. Touchy.. and they definitely belong to my Never Again group.
and i came to the conclusion that they came to my life for me to see what NOT look in a guy. we gotta know the bad to know appreciate the good.

all my younger cousins are already bringing their boyfriends to my grandparents house in special holidays and such, and good for them!, but what bugs me is the pressure that they put on me for not having one. it's like.. ugh. anyone can get a bf, but it takes time to actually get a Good bf. the One. i have no rush.

having a significant other is a pretty big deal. things change. when you're in a relashionship you can't think just for yourself, you have to adapt to the other person wishes. whole lot of work. *

ps: i gotta say that yes, i feel like i am experienced with guys but in a way that i've dealt with a lot of different personalities whether they were just friends or special someones. when it comes to physical experience i'm on stage zero, just fyi xD

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