August 5, 2013

Vol. III - My Hair Colours

for some reason i've always liked to try different hair colours to see what would make me feel at my best. here's a few hair colours that i already had:

the first time that i ever attempted anything of this sort was when i was 6 years old and i had 2 blonde highlights. then a year after if i recall correctly i had 2 red highlights.

the first time that i ever dyed my entire hair with dye was when i was 14 in black. i actually regretted and i only wanted my hair black because at the time i was obssessed with Emily, The Strange , haha *
then after that i had blonde highlights on my entire head. i actually have a few pics but i can't find them. :c
2 years ago, at 17, my hair colouring 'addiction' started again. went to a hair salon to get my hair in a light caramel colour and i ended up with a slightly orange-brown hair. not that great, but whatever.

and last year, i wanted my hair in a light colour so bad that i ended up buying this platinum blonde dye.. as you can imagine, the result was a big disaster. oops. and throughout the year i tried to fix it with darker shades.

and obviously my hair condition suffered a lot, as expected, so i slowed it down.

in april this year i chopped a good amount of my hair to see if i can get it healthy once again. last time i dyed my hair was june just touch up my roots.
hair is actually a big deal to me so i'll try to be as gentle as possible from now on. =)

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