August 13, 2013

Vol. III - Siblings

do you have any siblings?
i have a younger sister and we have an 8 year age gap.

as most sisters we always had our ups and downs and throughout the years now my relation with my sis seems more pacific than ever; maybe because she is now growing up and actually has some common sense on her head.

and i say this because she now understands that, for example, just because i bought something for myself doesn't mean that she has to have the exact same thing, just because i'm allowed to come home late whenever i go out doesn't mean she can or just because i can use makeup outside, again, doesn't mean that she can.

haha yeah.. these are a few of the small things that we had to go through *

but now i really enjoy how me and my sister interact. although she doesn't do that much great in school because she is lazy and hates studying, she is a really smart and bright kid which makes her a really good talker and our conversations are actually very interesting.

siblings are amazing companions but it does take time to get to this stage.
but it's worth it! =)

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