August 22, 2013

Vol. III - What to Wear?

hello everyone! how have you been!?
so as i stated before, this sunday i will be at my sister's holy comunion.
i've been shopping for a dress to wear and i came across these two that i really like:

and that's the problem.. i like them both really much! *
i've been trying to figure out which one would be the more appropriate for the ocasion; debating which one i would be more comfortable with, which one fits me best, etc.

so i guess this will be a till last minute dilemma; as much as i love the colour of the first one i think the details of  the black dress really stand out:

but either way, they're both really cute and i'll still get to wear them at other ocasions in the future so it's all good! =)

oh! and i found these really awesome pumps:

i was almost not going to buy them because of how freaking high they are but then i was just kind of like 'whatever i'll deal with it later' haha. and they were on sale so yeah. *
and i love how these shoes go along with either dress due to the nude colour!

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