September 20, 2013

Vol. IV - First Days Away from Home

oh, hi there!
so let's skip to the fun part; i've been away these past days at the city where i'm going to attend college and this is how it went:

i went on 2 trains, this is me at the first one * full of people that i knew which made the trip less boring.


at the second train station. never been here before actually. at this point it was probably 8pm so it wasn't really crowded.
after train ride time to hop on the taxi!
this is where i'll be spending my nights during the next few months haha. it's actually pretty cosy and warm which will be great for Winter *

this is the morning after! ( and my bed is obviously the messier one :b )
these are my 'wonderful' neighbours.. dude, until freaking 5am they were playing football outside and screaming like crazy >.< not fun.
aaaand this was one of the things i did when i spent a night there alone when my roommate was away *

it's been a different experience, no doubt about that. and you know you miss your family when you start crying like a maniac after a phone call from your little sister, haha =) but i can handle it!
the hardest part of all of this? i would have to say that the fact that you have to rely on people you never met in your life to make you go through these months is a bit .. strange i would say.
and some moments of extreme loneliness and despair .. funny how i'm sooo used to have my mommy around me most of the time haha. times really do change, huh?
let's hope for the best! 

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