September 6, 2013

Vol. IV - Gardening

hello everyone, how have you been? *
yesterday me and my sis went to get some shopping done and came across this gardening store. we saw these seeds and got inspired to do some gardening; thought it would be funny to see how it would turn out so today we finally did it =)
 a normal person would wear gloves while digging their hand into this, but not my sister haha. it was quite hilarious how dirty her hands got and how she tried to get it to my face, oh well *

the blue flower one are the seeds that i got, the other one were the seeds that my sis got. most likely they won't turn out like they look in the pictures but i'm curious to see how they will be like so might as well give it a try. 

... and i got a bit surprised by how tiny they actually are xD
as i live in an apartment we had to do this at our balcony and it got a bit messy for sure; but we had fun.

no matter how good or bad they turn out i'll definitely still post the results, wish me luck :)

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