September 1, 2013

Vol. IV - My Life Soundtrack Pt. 3

a third round of bands which made part of my life so far:


i can certainly say that Nirvana did a good job, intentionally or not, translating into musical form a 'darker' side per say of humanly emotions.
unfortunately i feel that nowadays their name became quite overrated due to the people who only know Smells Like Teen Spirit and already consider themselves fans.. but that's a whole other topic. *


i mean.. come on! what's there not to like about them? seriously.
i first discovered them 4 years ago at some art class. when we were doing projects and such we were allowed to listen to music and one of my classmates was listening to 'Hypnotize'; at the time i was very intrigued by it because i had never heard anything similar to that.
when i got home that day i started to research about them and eventually they grew on me and became one of my favourite bands over the years *

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