September 1, 2013

Vol. IV - Typical Sunday Morning

hello there! * my parents went out and me and my sis didn't feel like doing the same so we ended up staying at home all by ourselves.
so i decided to show you a typical day of what's our sunday morning around here =)

you know the feeling of you waking up by hearing someone sing? >.< woke up to my sis singing while she was watching some tips on how to make houses on The Sims.. oh well, haha *

after my laziness went away, i got up and started my day!

time for a shower * TRESemmé and Herbal Essences for my hair and Natural Honey in Coconut as my body shower gel.

now for breakfast; toasts, butter and liquid yogurt. i'm guilty of often skipping my breakfast meal, but when i have time i like to eat properly in the mornings *

now one of the most important steps of the day: teeth brushing! sometimes i brush my teeth before having breakfast by accident; it definitely doesn't turn out the tastiest breakfast i ever had :c

and before i decide what to do for lunch, i end up my morning by catching up with some youtube videos! =)

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