October 18, 2013

Vol. V - DIY \ Heartbeat Crafty Canvas

was in a mood today to create something, so i went to get some materials with my partner in crime: my lil sis.
at first we wanted something related to painting so we got a canvas; we then headed to the paint aisle but we felt like using something else so we got to find a really cool and different alternative.

things that were used:
- a canvas (another sturdy material can be used);
- we got this sponge sort of paper but fabric works as well;
- glue;
- scissors;
- pencil and a ruler.

 two different paper/fabric colors will work best. 
we chose the main paper colour and then proceeded to cut it accordingly to the canvas size.
we then glued it.

 we sketched some things and the heartbeat idea came to mind. 
let loose and think outside the box. =)

 final results. ❤

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