October 16, 2013

Vol. V - Halloween Face Paint Fun

hii there! so today me and my sister decided to go shop for Halloween stuff related so we could have some fun.
as she has some school projects about Halloween we decided to do some 'rehearse' on her face.
we tried to go for the Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas look.

and here's all you need:
- someone crazy enough to put up with your crazy ideas;
- ( easy washable ) face paint;
- eyeshadows;
- black eyeliner;
- fake blood.

1- get your 'victim' face clean and ready.
2- get blue face paint all over the 'victim's face ('victim' may not be too happy at first)

3- with different blue eyeshadows tones create some contouring/definition
to the face and highlight.
4- with black eyeliner ( gel liner, black eyeshadow ) draw some stitches accordingly to Sally's.

5- if you want you can add some fake blood.
6- make your 'victim' do some crazy faces.
 You're done!

haha, no but seriously we had a lot of fun. it got to the point where we added a bit too much fake blood tho, like inside her nose XD

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