October 11, 2013

Vol. V - The Last Night

so today i officially left Braga.
and what a bittersweet feeling haha, but i feel that when we make such dramatic changes things seem to look as they're meant to be, sounds like a really weird logic i know o:
on a positive note, now i'll have plenty of time to actually do something cool with my life.
so after all the decisions made here's a recap of my last evening/night at the city where i attended college.


on my way to McDonalds. heck yeah! don't know about you but to me that's a perfect goodbye *
and oh-my, it tastes even better after an entire afternoon thinking about a McChicken haha.

all in all it was a pretty awesome experience as for the first time i got to know what it's like to live on my own and manage my full freedom.

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