October 25, 2013

Vol. V - Melted Crayon Art

after so many fail attempts on trying to do this finally something nice enough came up:

the melted crayon art is something that has been going around for a long time but i only got to know about this a few days ago and it's pretty amazing actually!
you'll only need a few things and you're all set:

and you're probably thinking « the crayons are going to be melted anyway so i might as well just get cheap ones. » Of course, go ahead if you want this to happen to you:

these didn't melt :c it was pretty frustating, haha. but you would never know if you never tried, right?

okay so, firstly you want to experiment with colours arrangements and try to visualize the final result you have in mind; then just glue the crayons on the canvas.
after the glue dries up go ahead use your blowdryer (maximum setting seemed to work best) and get amazed by all the cool effects!
oh and i would advise you put a towel under the canvas, just in case.
my melted crayons seemed to dry pretty fast so i started to try different things to make it cool.

i had a few ideas in mind but this was the one that i liked the best.
i removed all the crayons and put on paper to cover it.
the result of the melted crayons reminded me so much of spiky hair that i decided to draw some eyes to emphasize the idea.

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