October 15, 2013

Vol. V - More Rain & Trains

feeling so tired and sleepy as i type. >.<

i slept only 3hours and now i predict a pretty lovely and intense night of sleep waiting for me *
running errands day! yes. those boring days when we go from one place to another while fighting against time.
  i guess we might as well just take a look at what surrounds us:
 this current weather messes up with hair, i mean there has to be someone who knows what i'm talking about, haha. so don't be jelly of this perfectly just-got-out-of-the-rain hair *
aaaand.. i confess. i'm a sinner! went to McDonalds again :c it's getting addicting *sigh*

 the award fot most boring part of the day goes to: train transportation!
spent around 4h in a train today. 
hate when people in trains stare awkwardly at other people. although i can't really blame them, if you don't bring something for you to entertain yourself with, then staring at others is all that's left, haha.
 alrighty then, off to bed now! goodniiiight! xoxo

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