October 26, 2013

Vol. V - My Lifetime To-Do List

we all dream and aspire to do certain things one day and we rightfully should make our existence as worth it as possible as we have such a small period of time to do so.
at the end of the day we all want the same: have good experiences, learn something new and fulfill our dreams.
today i decided to compile a 25 items list of a few of my inner desires i want to accomplish in the future, so here it is. ☺

❇1- Visit at least one country from each continent;
❇2- Attend a SOAD concert;
❇3- Own a beach house;
❇4- Go on a Safari;
❇5- Go to Disneyland;
❇6- Photograph the Great Wall of China;
❇7- Dye my hair blonde;
❇8- Volunteer at an animal shelter;
❇9- Have a big family;
❇10- Grow my hair very long;
❇11- Learn yoga;
❇12- Watch a horror movie without looking away;
❇13- Go on a road trip without GPS;
❇14- Own a walk in closet;
❇15- Post a blog post at least once a day for a whole month;
❇16- Meet Shirley Manson;
❇17- Have a proper sleeping schedule;
❇18- Attend the Sky Lantern Festival;
❇19- Own at least five dogs;
❇20- Visit the Egyptian Pyramids;
❇21- Own a hot tub;
❇22- Shower under a waterfall;
❇23- Go to Universal Studios;
❇24- Drink coconut water;
❇25- Have the motivation to accomplish all of the above.

try to make one list as well, it's fun!

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