October 14, 2013

Vol. V - Seasonal Closet Organization

it's about that time of the year for sure.
it keeps raining and getting cold so i might as well just start to put away my Summer clothes already as this will last for months.
but actually some t-shirts become my nightwear so i need to keep it in mind to put them aside.

welcome to the messiness.
funny how you find so many clothes you didn't even remember you had o: so that's the bright side of all of this process, haha.
i decided to only focus on 'light weight' coats, long sleeve shirts and dresses.
the first two for obvious reasons; but when it comes to dresses ( depending on the material of course ) they are pretty wearable throughout all seasons.
 short sleeved shirts are stored in my drawers for now. when Summer and the hot weather comes around next year this will all be switched again.

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