October 13, 2013

Vol. V - Sunday Laziness

you know those days when you don't wanna get out of bed and you just feel like contemplating the gloomy day through your window? oh you do? i do too! in fact i'm having one of those today.
the warmth of the blankets, hot beverages, laptop and and a little sister to help do homework. yup!
once in a while staying around the house doing 'nothing' can do wonders as you have the time to focus and take a 360º look on every aspect of your life.
so i'll just stay here mentally preparing for some pretty cool days ahead as i have to finish taking care of some stuff regarding college, buy some gifts for a birthday party this friday, do some major closet cleaning and my grandpa has been asking me for months to actually teach him on how to use a computer, so hopefully by the end of this week we might be experiencing the birth of a new tech geek, haha!
and as my laziness vanishes now it's time for a hot shower. ttyl *

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