October 8, 2013

Vol. V - The Throwback Tag

hope everyone is doing well *
after a day of so much going on inside my mind that i felt like doing a tag, so here we go:

What year were you born in?

Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger?
here on my laptop these are the oldest ones i can find:

What TV Shows did you grow up watching?
Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven. good times!

What did you want to be when you grow and do you still want to be that?
since i can remember my future dream job would be either being a teacher or a singer. i wouldn't mind being a full time singer right now.

Show a video of yourself when you were younger.
don't have any on this laptop, i promise i'll look for one =)

What were your favorite toys to play with?
i had this huge bag full of puzzles, but really huge! haha. barbies and stuffed animals made part of my own entertainment as well.

What's the most embarassing thing you remember doing?
when i was on 5th/6th grade, on valentine's day, me and my friends wrote a letter to this older guy and the first thing he did when he saw the letter was to rip it apart o:
after that i got really sad, went to the school's bathroom and got locked in there; the school's tool guy had to go there to open the door so i could get out. yes i know, embarassing! :c

Read something you wrote when you were in Kindergarten.
i'm pretty sure the only thing i knew how to write during kindergarten was my name xD

Three songs you loved as a child.
tough one. they're all in portuguese: this one, this and this.

What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween when you were younger?
we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Portugal :(

Are there any special things you've kept from when you were a kid?
aside from the great memories, maybe a stuffed animal or two which now belongs to my sister.

How is the world now different from how it was like when you were a child?
didn't have access to that many technology when i was younger compared to children nowadays, used to play with a lot of kids outside ( something that i don't see kids doing often ) and kid's tv shows were funnier.. yup i said it haha.

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