November 22, 2013

Vol. VI - Brain Dump \ Dawn Thoughts

it's 5:49h right now and i can't seem to fall asleep.
funny how we function when we're getting to our sleepy stage and how it becomes our very own personal thinking space where silence and little movement dwells. maybe it's that lonely feeling we get when we are the only person awake on our household; it feels so empowering yet so vulnerable.
every single time it happens you can't help but wonder of all the things you wouldn't even think about when there is so much going on outside. the noise, cars honking, crowds, people talking..
it's like you get these mini existential crisis and you start to freak out because you don't know your place in your life and in this world anymore.
but when it comes to the point where it's so frequent, from the moment you wake up everything vanishes. like you are hangover. details and little things will be forgotten. because you know the next day you might go through the same.
just a really needed sometimes never ending cycle.

«It is precisely the possibility of realizing a dream that makes life interesting.» Paulo Coelho

sweet dreams, everyone. *

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