November 29, 2013

Vol. VI - Hair Shadow Fun

after so many fails on trying colored chalk on my sis hair attempting to create that temporary cool ombrè look a few weeks ago we were window shopping and randomly came across hair shadow! yup our eyes lit up on that moment, haha.
there were some color options as green, blue or purple but we obviously went for the PINK!

first stage completed! it actually passed on smoothly on the hair but yeah.. a towel next time on top of her shoulders would be a great idea! oh and some gloves too. at the time my hands looked way too pinkish for my taste :c good thing is that it is very washable so nothing to worry about :)

curled her hair set it with hairspray and voilá!

it's definitely worth the try as it's not permanent so if you don't like it it's very easy to fix it ! it lasted on her all day and it was completely washed off on the first hair wash.

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