November 12, 2013

Vol. VI - My Song Playlist of Last Month

i don't know about you but i can't stand being on my laptop or car without listening to music and i noticed that my music taste sometimes can drastically change so it can be a cool idea to also keep track on that :D
but looking back at my teen years i now start to think how i was able to listen to certain songs and the many times i would make my parents listen to them as well. yes that's what parents are for, haha.
so without further ado here are my October's most played songs:
[just keep in mind that everyone's taste is different <3]

♡ Pendulum - The Tempest

♡ Pendulum - Crush
♡ Pendulum - Under the Waves
♡ Salt n Pepa - Push It
♡ Melissa Auf der Maur - Real a Lie
♡ Garbage - Sugar

♡ Garbage - Shut Your Mouth
♡ System Of A Down - Innervision
♡ Seether - Driven Under
♡ Madonna - La Isla Bonita
♡ Love Battery - Half Past You

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