November 10, 2013

Vol. VI - Personality Test

oh hi there; long time no see.
i missed blogging so much but i've been on a lazy mode this past days and some lack of motivation also came around. but right now it's time to get back on track!

lately i've been having this back and forth thoughts war on my mind about my future and what not so i decided to do something to kind of help me out.
you know those career test teens do in highschool? well what i did now was this personality test which is supposed to give us an insight of what might suit us best professionally wise.

given the 4-letter type formula i'm an INFJ - which stands for Introvert, INtuition, Feeling and Judging.
you can get some more information about each trait here.

and these are the career areas that are more appropriate to this type of personality:

the more you explore the results the more you'll get specific suggestions of jobs according to a certain area, for example:

then you will be able to obtain a list of well known people sharing the same personality type as you. i got Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Nicole Kidman between others, haha :)

although i didn't find the test 100% accurate it's always fun to do this sort of things because it might actually be useful for some. :D

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