December 1, 2013

Vol. VII - Welcome December!

oh boy, last month of the year. don't know if it's because i'm getting older and i treasure time more than before but these couple of years went by so fast! 

but one thing that i like about December is that it's the perfect time to rewind and and reflect on our highlights that happened throughout the year. and i for sure had a lot! from meeting amazing people to experience things that i've never done before; get into new environments, re-think about my goals in life.. it's a good time to evaluate and get to find new ways of concluding some things.
Christmas is another nice celebration of this month, although all the christmassy spirit has been declining a bit. at least around my houselhold things aren't as they used to be, but oh well!
all in all is always overwhelming whenever a year passes by but it's up to us to look forward for the best (and give our best) in order to get the best reward we could ask for: wishes fulfilled.

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