January 18, 2014

Vol. VIII - My Makeup Collection

after a long week of such new drastic schedule changes due to the mini art course i'm attending (which i'm liking it a lot!) today i found myself looking for new ways of storing my makeup and i decided to share a bit of what i already have and been collecting.

as a makeup fan myself i feel like there still is a bit of prejudgement with people who wear a bit more than just a considered natural look by often mistaken it with vanity or low self esteem. and i'm very sure that sometimes these are actually the cases, but it's really no one's business.

to me, the ideal way of using makeup is to apply it so it enhances our features, to recreate a mood, mark a special ocasion, play with it so we can figure out what accentuates what on our face, not let makeup wear us but the other other around and just have fun with it.

with all this said here is what i already have makeup wise:

starting off with lip products. lipsticks, lip liners and glosses are seriously one of my must haves to me. the power of a lipstick shouldn't be underestimated as it can completely give a touch of freshness to a look and it's one of those things that don't need a special day to be worn!

here are a few of my favorites :)

moving on to face products! a nice skin is already a huge step into making a makeup look to look flawless. my skin has its ups and downs throughout the month so to camouflage those skin bad days a bit of coverage is a great help.
there's a few types of foundation (same way as concealer) and the one's i use accordingly to the situation are liquid, powder or stick foundation

here i have my liners. it ranges from gel liner, liquid liner and eye pencil. a cat eye makes part of my daily routine and it's awesome how there's so many ways of doing them and how you can easily change it up everyday!
then those are my brushes (powder, blush, eyshadow and eyebrows) ☺

and finally eyeshadows! the most fun makeup item to use and that can serve as an actual eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, contour, highlighter, lip colour and eyeliner! pretty much an all in one.

and there you have it! hope you enjoyed :*

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