January 27, 2014

Vol. VIII - Hidden Horse

this afternoon i was trying a technique that i learnt from the art course (which honestly i almost can't never get it right :c) where we place in a certain pattern a wool string covered in paint.
let me explain a lil bit better:

first you'll need:
- piece of paper or a canvas;
- wool
- paint at your choice.
(- extra help from someone else might be needed! )

after placing the items together go ahead and cut a string of wool and then put paint in a container.

with the help of a pencil cover the string with paint. afterwards remove the excess by sliding your thumb and your index finger down the string.

now for the tricky part: placing the string! it can get very messy for sure (i mean, just look at what i did xD). those are the two patterns i learnt. but as you feel more comfortable doing it you can make up your own :)

then take some heavy book or whatever and put on top of it. press it a little bit while slowly pulling the string out.

this is what came out:

now usually it's suppose to come out a really beautiful abstract looking flowers or whatever but for some reason my tries always looks to something completely different. and today i got a horse! o:

so i just played along:

Happy Paintings! :*

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