January 9, 2014

Vol. VIII - New Year, New Changes

time has flown so fast.. 2014 already! turning 20 in a few months and i still can't believe it.
amazing how 10 (or more) years ago i was looking up to all these grown up people and i'm the one becoming a grown up now. cycle of life i guess.
for this year i promised myself to do dramatic changes, do things out of my comfort zone. things that in a few years i'll be able to look back and be happy for taking the chances and the risks. fix issues, go out more, socialize, be more outspoken. trust more in myself to do things that i thought i never could. and finally hope that these aren't just wanted actions just written on an online platform *sigh*.

but i started easy and decided to.. dye my hair! i'm always regretting whenever i dye my hair black, but in a morning of pure 'let's-just-do-it i went ahead and bought some hair dye.

i initially was going to paint in a light colour, the same i dyed before

but hey, that wouldn't be a dramatic change would it? so i went ahead and bought this one

so far so good! very pleased with the results. at first i was a bit afraid of using this mousse 'system' dye but turns out i liked it even better than the traditional hair dye! much faster application and allowed me to put the product in every single more 'hidden' spots as this is used pretty much like it's a shampoo.

and this is how it turned out *

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