February 4, 2014

Vol. IX - Leopard Print

yes, we were very bored this afternoon!
me and my sis were organizing our desk and came across my leopard face ring:

got it this last year's Summer! super pretty.
and we thought it could be fun to recreate it!

1- used foundation slightly darker than her skin tone to warm up her complexion.
2- sketched leopard prints resembling the ring pattern.

 3- now with a shimmery golden eyeshadow i filled the leopard prints.

4- my sis is a bit sick so i couldn't cover her nose too much with black eyeshadow, she would smear it all :c, but just that bit already looks good enough.
5- smoked out black eyeshadow with a cat eye.

6- light pink as a lip colour.
7- added some whiskers!

she looked adorable and it was super easy to do!

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