March 25, 2014

3 Simple Spring Makeup Looks

Yay for Spring finally being here !! After some weeks of pure hot weather now the cold and rain are showing around here again :c
But we all have in mind the idea of Spring being about shy sunny days, bright colours and flowers blossoming. So i decided to make three makeup looks inspired by this awesome season which are very simple and easy wearable!!

Look 1: Bright Colour Eyeliner

For this one i intended on wearing a bright bold eyeshadow colour as eyeliner. There's always that very funky colours that come in palettes that we feel that it wouldn't suit us to use as our main lid colour, so next time try to line your eyes with those colours!
Here i used a teal colour from my The Colour Workshop eyeshadows that came in a case. Then to elaborate the look and give it more of a 'special' touch i lined my waterline with a golden eye pencil and then highlighted my inner corners with a white one.
For lipstick i wore a peachy colour with my finger for a lighter application.

Look 2: Nude Eyes, Glossy Lips

My eye lids have as a main colour a vanilla colour eyeshadow and then a salmon/brownish coral to smoke out the look. With no eyeliner on (just remainings of previous makeup look) i proceeded to put on some coats of mascara on top as well as on the bottom. Then i finished it off with a bright pink gloss colour. 

Look 3: Simple Eyes, Bold Lips

My third look followed the basics of a simple black cat eye and lined waterlines paired with a strong deep rose colour. 

As i said, super simple looks :) I did a video version (in Portuguese) on YT as well if you wanna check it out!
Enjoy :*

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