March 10, 2014

Celebrating International Women's Day!

After such a lovely sight of an afternoon watching guys distributing flowers on the streets, this year 8th March was my time to actually for the first time this special day.
From outfit and hair to makeup everything got set!

These babies are gorgeous but a pain to walk in them :c Yay for taking with me an extra pair of not so high heels!

Then we drove to this really awesome and fancy restaurant.


Place was almost full and a band was there doing the animation. Lots of camera flashes and inumerous champagne toasts made big part of this night!

In the middle of dishes courses it was time for me to try to take a selfie veeeery discreetly;

Oh oops fail :c But here we go now!!

Okay that's slightly better.

Now off to my worst nightmare discos here we went!

It was so full and after so many hands going on my back/shoulders and boobies touching my arms it was required for us to go get some fresh air!!

Was interesting to see how my aunt, mom and their friends are way more into hard partying than me and my cousin o.o I mean going to two different discos in one night isn't for everyone!! I'm too much of a room hermit for those kind of things, but always fun nonetheless to get out of my safe zone :)

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