March 1, 2014

Vol. X - Art Course Projects!

after a month and a half my art course is finally finished and among all those ''How am i gonna be able to do this?'' and some ''This looks so hard to make!!'' feelings here i am feeling accomplished and satisfied with all of what i learned!

the course first two weeks were more drawing and painting on paper driven and after that the party had begun!
we started to make more elaborate projects in which resulted in awesome 'masterpieces'!

going to showcase some, this one was our first:


we were inspired by The Little Prince (hence the asteroid the dollie is on top of ). The doll was made with EVA and the asteroid with paper white glued to a balloon.
difficulty: medium

patchwork! grab a spongey surface, a x-acto and some fabric and start craving the fabric! it results in super awesome decoration pieces.
difficulty: easy


now this was my favorite: a jewellery holder! just a mixture of gesso with water until it gets to a yogurt consistency and then fill a plastic glove with it, wait around 15 minutes holding the glove without letting it touch anything and there you go!
it can be painted at your own taste but it looks pretty neat as it is.
difficulty: super easy

i loved attending it as it was a way to put our creativity on blast. it was definately worth the time :*

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