April 4, 2014

Candy Lips

The good thing about a bright lip colour is that it will automatically give you freedom to be 'lazy' for the rest of the face makeup, haha! No, seriously! It does it all for you if you wanna look like you put on too much effort without really bothering much. Just like the messy bed hair look!

To not overpower much the 'shock effect' of the hot pink colour, i just went ahead with a sharp cateye and some mascara coats. Can you get more basic than that?
Now, i'm not really into blush, but one thing i like when in a poneytail (which is pretty rare actually) is to contour my cheeks to give more of a sleek structure to my face.

All of this combined turns into a nice go to everyday makeup look, depending on the shade of pink you are most comfortable with! If you wanna turn it into night makeup, try to thicken the cateye and add some false lashes for example :)

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