April 24, 2014

Pink Milkshake

Hi everyone :) Been wanting to give use to my pink eyeshadows as they alway seem to be the last ones to run out from my palettes and such, so check out my attempt!

Here's what i did to achieve this look:

 1- After putting an eyeshadow base, i started by blending with a blending brush these two eyeshadows mixed together above my lid

2 - Then all over my lid i put on a frosty baby pink colour

3- Put on generous coats of mascara. Wanted my eyelashes to do the rest of the eye 'drama' so because of that i didn't put on eyeliner, that way my lashes would have the illusion of looking longer.

4 - Lined my waterline with a white eyeliner and you can tell i gave my eyepencil much love, just look how small it is by now!

5 - Put a bit of white eyeliner on my inner corners and then topped it off with the frosty pink.

6 - Then just the second pink colour below your bottom lashes and you're done :) 

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