April 26, 2014

Sharp Ocean Mist - Makeup

Hello hello! After trying out some new shapes and combining some colours together, after a while i came up with this only using very few products. It's super simplistic to make but it certainly has the bam factor without too much trouble. And remember that you can always switch the colours and make it at your own taste :)


Firstly with a shimmery navy blue colour form a line along your crease, extend it as much as you find it wearable and then drag it down just like you'd line your upper lash line. It should look like a sort of a long v shape.
Then fill the lid area within the form you just created on the previous step with this sort of shimmery aqua colour or even another blue-ish colour that would go well with that navy blue, always up to you.

Then it's time for the usual, let's take care of bottom of the eye! But first it's time for a black eyeliner on your waterline. Then yes, take the navy blue colour and line your bottom lash line and for the inner corner i chose a silver eye pencil.

For my lips i went with a nude colour! Have fun playing around :*

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