May 20, 2014

5 Ways to Explore Eyeshadow Colours

If you're like me and sometimes have a hard time using all of the eyeshadows that comes in a palette then here are some ideas that you can use to finally 'get rid' of some colours!

1 - Kids Birthday Parties

Last year on my lil cousin's birthday my aunt asked me if i wanted to do some fun facepaints on the kids at the party and besides it being just way too fun it was a really nice way to give use to some bright eyeshadow colours that i knew i wasn't gonna wear myself and they obviously love it!
So you could offer yourself to do the same at a kids b-day party by just setting up a little booth in there and take their facepaint requests! Hint: Butterflies will be certainly requested by girls!

   Pop of Colours

When i look at my eyeshadow palettes i can tell right away which colours i don't use very often: blues, greens, pinks, redish colours and bright purples. But there's actually ways of using them in a wearable way and without them overpowering the entire eye, besides using a pop of colour on the lid and using the rest of the eye look with neutral colours. For example on the:

2 - Bottom Lash Line

If you don't wanna keep just lining your waterline with the usual black colour and smudge it on the bottom lash line, you can just throw in pop of colour without it being too crazy! If you choose to go with redish eyeshadows and not look like you have an eye infection you can tone it down by blending it with some black or dark brown eyeshadow.

You can go with a neutral look all over your lids and just throw an unexpected colour on your bottom lash line! The options are really endless.

3 - Inner Corners

If you have some shimmery not-much-used eyeshadow colours it could give a nice overall finished look following the logic of the option above.

4 - As an Eyeliner

One of my favourite ways of using some funky eyeshadow colours is by using them as an eyeliner. By watering your brush you can get more colour pay off when using this option.

You might wanna go with darker eyeshadows when doing this or else you won't get a clear effect of a winged eye. And you can even do some fun stuff by giving an ombrè look for example!

5 - As a Lipstick

If you still really don't feel like putting those colours on your eyes for some reason then hey, turn them into lipsticks!
I found an old pallette of eyeshadows and chose a deep plum colour and a row of four different shades of pink for. I bought one of those pill containers to store these homemade lip colours, haha.

For this there are a lot of tutorials online but some of them require too many ingredientes, but as i really just want to get stuff done fast, i just used vaseline and mixed it all together. Or you can even cut half of a lipbalm bullet and smash it with the eyeshadow until you get a nice mix of the two.
Hope you enjoyed and good luck ! :)

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