May 21, 2014

Beach Sand - Makeup

Been wanting to create  an eye makeup that woud go along with a pretty lipstick colour that i own which is a mix of red and brown, kinda like a rusty colour! I don't get to use it often as it's a bit dark for daily use, but it's still appropriate for other ocasions.
Just with a few steps here's what i came up with:

Besides just three shades of eyeshadow i used scotch tape to create a sharp edge on my outter v.
  • I blended the dark brown following the scotch tape placement on the eye;
  • The golden colour all over my lid
  • Then the chocolate brown colour to blend the two together making the transition from the dark brown and the golden much smoother and seemless.
  • It's optional, but then i used a light yellowish lime (wow) colour to highlight my eye inner corners and brow bone.
  • Waterline lined with black eyepencil and some mascara coats! And done :)

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