May 4, 2014

Bloody Dust - Makeup & Hair

Hello there! ♡ How's everyone doing? Here's the result of my latest makeup playing session. And it's not like i like to see curls on myself that much, but it's all about making it work right? So here we go:
With my straightener i divided my hair in vertical sections and curled each one inwards, torwards my face.

At first they will eventually all clamp together and if you like that, then go ahead and leave it that way; but i personally prefer more of a flowy feel and look to it, so i ran my fingers through it so they could become separated until it looked how i envisioned it.

Then it's all about hairspray so they can stay in place and last longer.
After that i bobby pinned the sides almost behind my ear.
For the eyes i went ahead with a rose gold colour and covered 3/4 of my lid. After that i blended it with a golden colour (yes i love golden eyeshadow :c don't judge!) on the crease area and then gave it a subtle depth with the grey colour. Black eyeliner on the upper lash line and waterline.

On the lips i took a dark plum lip pencil and defined my lips before putting on a deep plum/cherry lipstick colour and topping it off with a redish brown gloss. Yay for crazy lip combos!

For a bit of glow i put on a highlighter above my cheeks. But bronzer could have worked perfectly fine as well!

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