May 2, 2014

Candid Rose Sheer - Makeup

Hello there ♥ After a pretty chill and fun birthday yesterday it's time to take it in, breath in and out, accept and get used to now being on my 20's. Oh yeah, i miss already being 19.. Time fliiiiiiiiiiies ! And we got get used to it. Strawberry cake was super yummy and it's almost all devoured T.T But next year there will be more for sure!

Sis and i went out to lunch and both wanted to spend out the day outside for a change, but nope.. Too hot outside. Yay for summer already trying to peek in!

Today's makeup playing resulted in this simple pink explosion :)

These were the used colours:

first one on my inner corner; and the other one on my lid.

this plum colour on my crease  and on my lower lash line.
a golden accent on my lower lash line as well from the inner corner fading into the plum!

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