May 12, 2014

Cherry Blossom - Makeup

Such a nice weekend has passed by that this week deserves to be started off with a nice pretty colour and for that i chose the pink power for an eye look today! Resembling the beauty and simultaneaously simplicity of the cherry blossom trees here's what i came up with :)
Have a look on what was used and some quick swatches of the 4 used colours for the look:

Just following the 'norm' of a simple smokey eye look i started by:

- Applying colour number one, which is an opaque light pink, all over my lid;
- Then on my crease a deep rose pink;
- A plum colour on the crease as well for depth and on lower lash line;
- That sort of pastel lime colour on my inner corners;
- Then some coats of mascara;
- Foundation (that was put afterwards in case of fallouts);
- And then to finish, just a glossy pink colour!


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