May 6, 2014

Jungle Mumble - Makeup

Okay okay, today i can't complain. Weather was bearable enough to stand outside for a bit and not feel roasted! And while trying to feel indifferent to the presence of other people around me at the park here's the makeup selfies of today :)

Oh and i did another 'lightening session' on my hair yesterday yay for even drier hair ends u.u Little by little i'm almost close to reach the colour i wanted!


  • First i started by putting colour number 1 on half of my lid.
  • Then i went with the dark green colour and patted on my crease and blended alternately.
  • With a blending brush on colour number 2 i blended the two colours together in the middle of the lid for a nicer transition.
  • With a damp fine brush i took a black eyeshadow colour and lined my upper lash line and waterline.
  • Then applied mascara and to finish off a tinted lip balm!

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