May 8, 2014

Lazy Day Look - Makeup

A simple makeup today for a kind of a lazy day! Sims 3 Pets has been consuming me.. But it's nice how it makes up a little for the fact that i can't own dogs on this apartment. Yup, i'm a dog person and one day i hope i have 10 of them! Haha, here's the overall look:

And here's the products used:
Been loving my newest purchase which is the Catrice foundation All Matt and so far so good! Finally a shade that matches my tone perfectly, woot! Used some concealer as well on some redish-not-so-amazing spots on my face.

Put on a deep pink lipstick and blotted on a tissue so it could leave a stain on my lips so it looks more wearable and natural for day use.

For the eyes i took a pencil and with a navy blue colour i drew a cat eye starting from the middle so it makes my eye appear more 'open'. Then i decided to add a bit of a dark shimmery beige colour on my inner corners

Used two mascaras with diferente wands. The bigger one, my Essence mascara, was used on my top lashes and the other mascara which has a smaller wand went on my lower lashes very minimally.

There you go! :)

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