May 16, 2014

My Makeup Kit Cases Collection!

It's no surprise that makeup passion runs through girls veins (not all girls obviously and not only girls as well!) and i ain't no exception to that! I very proudly like to play around with it and figure out what works for me or not.
My parents would always ask what i'd like for Christmas and for the last 5 years here's what i've been asking, makeup case kits!

It's almost an all in one case as it comes with a bunch of products and a nice option for anyone who is starting to get into makeup or even wanting to expand the collection. And on top of that the cases can be really cute and be used later on as storage or just simply as a decorative piece.
This is my first one ever:

It's a plain black colour case that came with a load of matte and shimmery eyeshadows, lip gloss pans, eyeshadow pigments pots that i have no idea where it is by now and some lipsticks!
As you may understand 5 years ago i was only 15 so it's not like i used makeup outside or anything, but i used to wear my glossy lip products, so that's why there's a lot of unused looking eyeshadows as i would only play with all the colours inside the house.

Haven't touched it in a while but i have plans on taking all the plastic off and turn it into a storage case as i did with some other ones.

This was given to me on the following Christmas! A very nice sized case with regular makeup stuff such as eyeshadow, lip gloss pans, blush, highlighter and some pigment pots. But not only this it came with nail products as well on a small drawer compartment on the bottom which i've no idea where the drawer is now ..

And same as the first makeup case there's still a lot of eyeshadow left so i'll try to find ways to see if it's 'saveable' and if there's still hope to use them in other ways even.

My third one and one of my favourites! With such a cool visual design and a pretty flashy colour scheme this one came with the usual eyeshadow and lip stuff!
It has a very nice size and a few divisions in which now i just keep some random products inside.

This one is my fourth one and it's a simple metallic grey colour with no compartments inside but that has been used as a storage case nowadays too. Came with eyeshadows, eye pencils, lipglosses, blushes and pots of lip product. This is one of the 'recent' ones so this brand i do remember, it's a Guylond makeup kit case.

The one i got from this last Christmas and one of my faves as well! No need to describe what's inside as it's all pretty much in front of you as it's still somewhat new still :) Came with two lipsticks, a mascara and a black liquid eyeliner which i took out of there.

It's made out of fabric that has almost a leather feel to it so it's a bit hard to clean because as you can see it's starting to get a bit dusty the top part. But it's still awesome and came with a nice sized mirror as well that is glued inside the top part! This is a The Colour Workshop kit case.

Looking forward the next ones ! Hope you enjoyed :)

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