May 9, 2014

Ombrè Cat Eye - Makeup

Using scotch tape on an eye makeup can help you achieve a very clean and pretty neat overall result and it's very useful to when you want to do a sharp cat eye as well as you have a better control over the angle of the line and a better precision on how far you want it to go.
You can too do some fun experiments with your eyeshadows and make an ombrè cat eye. And depending on how thick you make it out to be, it can turn into a smokey eye very effortlessly!
Here's some exemples i made and the respective colour combinations:
Just place the scotch tape on the angle you desire and put on a shade you'd like (preferably a lighter colour than the other you'll use). Pick a darker colour than the previous one and sort of shade it over the area that meets the tape and the eyeshadow that is already on. Then just blend away!

There's plenty of colour combinations that you can make! And there's not a limit of colours you can use to achieve something like this. Experiment and have fun :)

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