May 25, 2014

Orange Oasis - Makeup


I own a few peachy coloured lipsticks, but never one as a bright orange as this one! And i've been loving it too much lately since it's such a nice option to red and pinks.
And to express my excitement for my latest fave lip colour, decided to make an effortless and simple look that goes well with it without overpowering much the rest of the face.

Firstly it's all about perfecting the skin. Choose a well suited foundation for your skin complexion as good looking skin is the first step for an overall good makeup look. Here i'm using my Catrice All Matt plus foundation in nr10.

Then it's all a matter of lashes power! For this particular look i went with lash length option rather than volume for the simple reason that it's meant to be an effortless and clean look, so i won't be doing anything on my lower lash line.
With this said, if i were to go with volumous lashes there wouldn't be much balance. So grab a lash curler to make your lashes nice and perky and a thin wand to make them long and pretty!

To keep the theme of this makeup i went ahead with a shimmery beige eyeshadow colour and dusted it all over my lid. Then with a frosty champagne colour to highlight my eye inner corners.

Now for the star of the show! The bright orange lipstick. You can either apply it directly from the bullet on your lips and leave it (just like i did) or you can blot your lips it on a tissue to give that stained look and which will last much longer.

To finish it off i applied these bronze pearls along my cheeks to give it a nice warm and defined feel to the face. And that's it! A simple makeup look featuring and embracing this awesome not-that-usual colour.

Hope you liked it and see you on the next post! :)

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