May 19, 2014

Room Tour

Hello everyone, Mister Rain came to visit us around here so feels really nice to be indoors!
Today i was thinking on making a post about organizing my makeup desk, but then i decided to just go all the way and show you my room! And on that note.. Welcome! :)
Starting off with my chest of drawers: here's where i store my scents, deodorants and some rings on my handmade ring holder! Which is pretty easy and simple to do.

Next to my drawers there's the place where my shoes all hang out together! I have a thing for brown shoe wear apparenly. Oh and to add to the party there's also a bunch of cables next and under to my bedside table.
Right above to my shoes, there's my bags on the wall. And yup .. Brown predominates on this section as well! I find brown shoes and bags more flattering than black and on my opinion goes better with clothes of any colour.
Look, butterflies!
Here's my window, which sadly i don't get to open often.
And trust me .. It's not like i'm missing out too much!
Here's my closet, which needs to be season organized quite badly by now. Summer's coming!


One of the few exciting things about my room, my desk! Usually there's a LOT going on on it, but yeah now it looks presentable enough! And LOL @ the piece of chocolate that i was eating while taking pics and was left on the desk, haha. Here's where i basically turned it into my own little makeup station and store some crafty stuff.


And on top of it, there's my shelves where there's mostly books, some games, dictionaries and an awesome big pink rubber given by my awesome bf!


 And that's it! Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. gostei muito mas já conheço o teu quarto maninha:D


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